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The Moon

In Astrology Moon is the watery planet. Though all the nine planets are important in Astrology, Moon is very sensitive and important planet. In any horoscope like Ascendant (Lagna), Moon is also considered as an Ascendant. Any house in the horoscope can be considered as an Ascendant. But the Moon is very important as an Ascendant.

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The Shradha Puja and Tarpana

In Hindu Religion Shradha puja, tarpana and pinda dan are performed after those who are dead in the family. Eg Grandfather, Grandmother or may be anyone in the family. It is believed in hindu religion that parents and elders have taken care of there children, provided all the facilities like education, clothes and everything that is necessary for livelihood . So, when these elders dies it is the duty to perform shradha and tarpana after their elders for there peace.

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