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An insight effort knowing Dushyant K Parmer

In my own words:

I am Dushyant K.Parmar, an Indian Vedic astrologer well known for my Vastu shastra and astrology.  

Born in a Rajput Gujarati family I have however had the opportunity to be brought up in Mumbai. Though I completed my degree in Business Management – I was and am an enthusiast, affable and richly experienced Vastu Shastri and Astrologer, who has a proven track record.

I have instilled qualities from my mentors and have successfully aligned my proficiency with Vastu Shastra, Astrology. My ability to lead, control, execute and assist Vastu Shastras and its various verticals has provided me with a solid platform supported by the rich know-how and understanding.
To give you a quick insight, “Vastu shastra” is   a traditional Hindu system of architecture which basically defines the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground prapoaration, space arrangement and spatial geometry.

I am a very compassionate individual and my dedication has flawlessly merged my astrological capabilities and has paved a new horizon for my consultancy zone .Though I have mastered my entrepreneurial skills with my Masters in Business Management yet in a very short time I have manage to firm up my other inclination i.e. astrology and consultation region and this has developed into the mainstream objective of my life.

I believe in flawless behavior and my utmost dedication has built a strong ardent support system for all who come to me. Each day provides me with a new exposure which immensely helps maintain the already set high standards. I started my voyage with a dominating confidence and none-the-less steered improvement and noticeable yields towards Vastu Shastra and Astrology consultation. My entrepreneur voyage escalated into different heights powered with skilled driven professionalism and exemplified relevant results to bring in best practices for my Consultancy and clients.

My distinction of steering improvement initiatives with the focus on a strong platform for Vastu and myself has yielded as well.

I lay my rich experience and perceive my knowledge intuitively and with inexplicable perceptive powers. I practices Vasthu shastra, Astrology and master this art, and believe to continuously keep abreast with the ancient holistic science of Vastu, Astrology and effuse optimism for my clients in today’s busy life.

Vastu Shastra is a very eminent factor these days; it signifies peace, harmony, prosperity and

Our Services