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I am Dushyant K.Parmar, an Indian Vedic astrologer well known for my Vastu shastra and astrology.  

Born in a Rajput Gujarati family I have however had the opportunity to be brought up in Mumbai. Though I completed my degree in Business Management – I was and am an enthusiast, affable a

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  • Apr
Septic Tank In NW

Kitchen Slab is adjoining Northern wall. This increases kietchen expenditures and non compatibility among couples.

Stair case is abutting Northwest corner, causing female folk being unwell, indebtedness, fights and disputes, mental worries, insolvency, court cases, problems with administration.

Septic tank in west - Northwest causing male folk being unwell, fights & disputes,mental worries,court cases,problems with administration.

Boring is in west causing head of the family and male members being unwell, bad habits,getting convicted,going to jail, accidents and death are possible.

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  • Apr
Some mistakes in house & shop

Balcony is in the North wall causing serious ailments (blood pressure and heart) among female folk.In security feelings, irritable temper and loss of name & fame.

North portion of balcony extended. Thus North NorthEast corner is constricted. NorthEast corner of balcony is rounded causes further constriction of same corner. The results in all family members specially earnings membersbeing always worried, unwell being no progress, financial stringency, no recognition in society and 1st child have troublesome life and discords.

Main door in North is towards Northwest causing financial stringency, female folk will be unwell, irritable temper and loss of name and fame.

Staircase us adjoining Eastwall, causing serious ailments among men folk, insecurity feelings, loss of name & fame, financial stirngency, court cases problems with administration, being childless or abortions.

Balcony is on the East wall causing serious ailments (Blood pressure & heart) amog men folk in security feelings, irritable temper and loss of name & fame.

Kitchen slab is adjoining East - SouthEast wall, causing mental tension and non compatibility among couples.


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  • Apr
Factory Plan - 2

In this factory plan there are few mistakes,

Toilet is in North.

Water tank is situated in South West.

Heavy machines are next to Accounts department, There some space should be left between two different departments,

Trees and plants are perfect in the West.

The wall in the North should be as small as possible,


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