Lal Kitab – 35 Year Round

Lal Kitab – 35 Year Round

The Lal Kitab astrology has a very important place in the “35 year-round” (35 saal chakra).

Without understanding it and analyzing it – no one can be judged by a horoscope

According to the Lal Kitab Astrology – Every year our planets change – our annual horoscope (varshphal kundli) shows the position of these planets in the horoscope. Every year has its own planet – which affects the horoscope for that year the most.

As the effect of that planet will be in the horoscope – that year we have to suffer the good or bad fruits of that planet first. According to Lal Kitab Astrology, whenever we have to take measures for the annual horoscope – then we should also understand the position of this planet well in the horoscope – and we should also always take measures to keep this planet good.

So that we will get 100% correct result done for the results of the year.

Akshit Kapoor

Article by Akshit Kapoor

Published 05 May 2022